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"Candles"... first single from 

'Recurring Dream: The Roughest Hue Revisited' (arriving summer 2016)

lyrics: jar-e                                        

vocals + music: h.u.e

In January 2012,

h.u.e began the ambitious task of covering

jar-e's 2001 debut cassette 'The Roughest Hue'.


Digging through crates to find the original liner notes and dusty collage artwork,

h.u.e committed to re-interpret one of jar-e's most under-appreciated releases.


Slated for Summer 2016 release,

this project will also mark the 15th anniversary of

the duo's Processions collaboration.


all lyrics: jar-e (c) 2001 
vocals + music:
(c) 2012

*photo credit: h.u.e (c) 2004 

*model: JM Otis

The acronym h.u.e represents "hope-uplifts-everything".

As an interdisciplinary artist uniquely rooted in hip hop culture, h.u.e utilizes four disciplines to create compositions with a unified aesthetic. 

1. MUSICAL ART ("Rural-Hip Hop-Blues") 

2. PERFORMANCE ART (Street, Therapeutic, and Comedy) 

3. VISUAL ART (tempera, gauche, watercolors on found mediums) 

4. WRITTEN ART (Creative writing, Community development essays)


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lyrics: jar-e (c) 2001

vocals + music: h.u.e (c) 2012


verse 1:

i'm going home to the place i was always dreaming in

scatter flowers and matches round the table

color your voice inside the candle now

feel alone they might never even hear you sing



and the sweet the sweetness it comes on like water

and i cannot remember if i drank enough and oh

the ocean pounding casually and oh if i drank enough


verse 2:

i am trying to match my vision for you

waterspout sounds things i never thought i'd sing

hear me now these things envisioned for you and

in the south, let ocean's never water ring


verse 3:

half words and backwards round the table and

grab a chair and everybody starts to stare

scrutinized as if a three leaf clover and

in that moment that's when i will mean you there

h.u.e a.r.t